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 Tom Cruise
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Tom Cruise One of Hollywood’s most desirable faces belongs to Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, or internationally known as Tom Cruise. Born July 3, 1962 under the Cancer sign, he played his first movie lead role in 1983’s classic hit “Risky Business”. He also starred in numerous blockbuster flicks like “Days of Thunder”, “Jerry Maguire”, “The Last Samurai”, and “War of the Worlds”. Because of his magnetic personality and multifaceted acting skills, Cruise offered multimillion-dollar checks for every movie that he shoots.

Naturally assertive and always searching for new business opportunities, Cruise ventured into a movie production business. Cancer is extremely intelligent and believes that he can do anything he puts his mind. Making good use of his profits, he collaborated with his former talent agent Paula Wagner and formed Cruise/Wagner Productions, Tom as the Producer and Wagner as the Chief Executive. From 1993 to present, he has made millions in producing several of his films such as “Mission: Impossible” and “Jerry Maguire”. Because of his business smarts, Tom considered by many Hollywood producers as one of the most powerful and richest actors in the world.

With his riches and good looks, Tom is a magnet for beautiful women. His first marriage with a fellow Hollywood star was with Mimi Rogers, whom he divorced after three years of living together. According to rumors, Tom’s secretive nature led to trusting issues between the couple. Cancer can be very mysterious and emotional towards the people they love.

After failed relationships with Actresses Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz, Tom started dating Actress Katie Holmes in April 2005. On the same year, Tom proposed a marriage to Katie Holmes at the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris. Although “TomKat” was constantly under public scrutiny, the couple managed to maintain a loving relationship. This was partly due to Cancer’s caring and protective instincts.

On November 18, 2006, Tom and Katie exchanged vows at a 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy. The Scientology ceremony was attended by popular Hollywood stars. On April 18, 2006, Katie gave birth to a baby girl and they name it “Suri” which the names derives from the Hebrew word “Princess” the first biological child of Tom Cruise because he has a two adopted child.


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