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 Pamela Anderson
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Pamela Anderson was born under the Cancer sign on July 1, 1967. She grew up in British Columbia in Canada. Her father was a furnace repairman while her mother was a waitress. Anderson has Finish and Russian roots. She is a famous Canadian-American model, producer, activist, showgirl and actress. She is known for starring at the famous television series Baywatch. The ambitious Cancer is not a submissive and passive creature nor will they surrender easily. They always wanted to be on top and would certainly envy others who get the recognition instead of them acclaiming the credit.

She both holds two citizenships: American and Canadian. Aside from being a famous model and artist, her life has been an open book to the public. Her personal life has been well-publicized and all her relationship was placed under media spotlight and public scrutiny. In February 1990, Anderson was chosen among many contenders as Playboys Playmate of the Month.

On February 19, 1995, Anderson decided to marry Tommy Lee after just barely knowing him for 96 hours. Lee and Anderson went into a rough relationship that resulted to their eventual divorce. Before their eventual divorce, the two almost separated twice but at the end reconciled twice.A soft, romantic, sensitive, and gentle lover, a Cancerian will never trust someone again who hurt her through love. The couple was blessed with two children. She was later professionally known as Pamela Anderson Lee. Despite their divorce, Anderson admitted that she still often had sexual contact with Lee. Cancerians are very confident; they can expose their wildest side, surprising their partners with their sexual resourcefulness. She was also engaged to Marcus Schenkenberg, model, and Kid Rock, singer, but eventually both the relationships were unsuccessful. People born under Cancer appreciate romantic dinner dates, admire physical displays of love and affection, and values constant communication with their partner. On September 29, 2007, Rick Solomon and Pamela Anderson married in Vegas. Unfortunately, their marriage was annulled on February 22, 2008 due to fraud as raised by Anderson.


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