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Zodiac Sign: Leo

Madonna Louise Ciccone famously known as Madonna,was born in Bay City, Michigan on August 16, 1958 under the zodiac sign Leo. She was the third of six children of Madonna Louise, a French Canadian by descent and Silvio Anthony Ciccone, a first-generation Italian American and was raised in the suburbs of Pontiac and Avon Township.

In 1963, her mother died of breast cancer at the age of 30.There was a change in her mother’s behavior months before her death and she did not understand why this was so. She took care of her siblings after the loss but grew an emotion of resentment towards her father after he wedded the family housekeeper. As a Leo, she needed to be in control and her fear of losing her father and having new members enter her family took away her confidence. Though this may seem selfish, her control will ultimately be balanced with her selfless generosity.

Madonna’s music has always been a subject of scrutiny for music critics. The author of Contemporary Strategy Analysis, Robert M. Grant said that what brought her to success was not her exemplary natural talent but her reliance on talents of others and that her close ties have served as foundationsfor her numerous career reinventions.A Leo’s self-centeredness is not mostly in a negative way. It’s just that they see themselves before others but are equally generous in return. They usually put themselves on top of the priority list but don’t disregard others at the same time.

Madonna has reached multiple Guinness World Records, including most popular female recording artist of all time and world's top-selling female recording artist.Expecting highly of others and of one’s self is another natural trait of Leos. Madonna has always displayed self-consciousness of her voice, especially when compared to Ella Fitzgerald, Prince and Chaka Khan, her vocal idols.Even after having romantic affairs with prominent celebrities such as Sean Penn, Dennis Rodman and Vanilla Ice, unhappy endings came one after the other due toher high outlook and eternal need to be loved and respected – which are all Leo characteristics.


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