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 Liv Tyler
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Liv Tyler Captivating smile, silky white skin, and natural acting talents are just some of the traits that made Liv Rontgen Tyler a rising star in Hollywood scene. Born July 1, 1977 with the Cancer sign, Liv inherited her beauty and charm from model mom Bebe Buell and rock superstar dad Steven Tyler. At a young age of 14, Tyler started out her career as a ramp model and eventually moved on to big screen acting. Embodying Cancer’s strong will to be successful in whatever endeavor they pursue, Liv worked tirelessly to improve her acting skills. As a reward, she was given supporting roles in movies such as Empire Records, Heavy and That Thing You Do! She eventually landed her first leading role in Stealing Beauty, which gave her numerous positive reviews and sky-rocketed her movie career.

Raised in New York City, Liv learned to be independent at an early age. She used Cancer’s natural aggressiveness in realizing goals to survive the challenging environment of New York. During her childhood, Liv was misled by her mother in believing that her biological father was another famous rock star. But after meeting Steven Tyler, she felt an instant bond as well as seeing a striking resemblance. Her mother eventually admitted that her biological father was indeed Steven. From then on, the two developed a close relationship and corroborated in numerous songs and videos. Cancer is very possessive and protective towards their loved ones. Once you have become an integral part of their lives, count on them to take care of you forever.

On 1998, Liv was constantly spotted dating British Spacehog band member Royston Langdon . After several years of dating, the couple wed on March 25, 2003in a private ceremony held in Barbados. On May 8, 2008, the couple confirmed rumors that they are filing for divorce. Sources state that Liv has become overly sensitive towards Langdon, which lead to constant fights. Cancer can be very emotional and demand only the best from their partners because of their perfectionist trait. Although their marriage was cut short, the couple was blessed with a son named Milo.


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