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 Jessica Simpson
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Jessica Simpson Famous Hollywood celebrity and music industry icon, Jessica Ann Simpson was born on July 10, 1980. She was born in the town of Abilene in Texas. His father was a professional psychologist and a minister. Her mom was a homemaker. Her only sister is also a singer, Ashlee Simpson. Even as a child, she was already shown the potential to sing. She used to sing at the local Baptist Church where her family was affiliated. At 12, she auditioned and was shortlisted to become part of The Mickey Mouse Club. Cancerians love to lead, and they are very comfortable with both their peers and colleagues and will surely succeed on any undertaking they work. The singer achieved 7 top 40 hits at the Billboard. She has multi platinum and gold record albums that boosted her career. Simpson was named by the Billboard as the 95th Best Artist of the Decade.

In 1999, Simpson started dating Nick Lachey, member of the boy band group 98 Degrees. In two years time, their relationship went rough but was able to sustain up to their eventual marriage on October 26, 2002. Cancerians are thought to be much more aware of how they feel than what they think. She is famous for quoting she was virgin and was never touched by Nick Lachey before their marriage. However, once the Cancerians feel confident, they expose a wild and unusual side of themselves that excites and surprises their partners. In November of 2005, they announced their break-up and decided to end their marriage. Due to the sign's association with the moon, Cancerians often have widely fluctuating moods.

Simpson was romantically linked to Dane Cook and Adam Levine of the Maroon 5. She also had a rough relationship with John Mayer. Astrologers believe typical Cancerians can have difficulty being objective, and are easily crushed by criticism. In November 2007, Tony Romo, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, and Simpson started dating. In May 2010, Eric Johnson and Simpson were alleged dating until their engagement last November 14, 2010.


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