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 Eric Bana
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Eric Banadinović famously known as Eric Bana was born on August 9, 1968 under the zodiac sign Leo. He was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria. He only had one sibling, Anthony, who was older than him. He has a German ancestry from his mother’s side and a Croatian one from his father’s. His parents were Ivan who worked as a logistics manager at Caterpillar, Inc., and Eleanor who was a hairdresser. In his early childhood, Eric had already shown a potential of being a great actor. Mimicking other people’s actions was one of the demonstrations of his acting skills. During his teenage years, he idolized Mel Gibson’s acting in the motion picture Mad Max (1979), and he thought of himself becoming an actor. He tried being a stand-up comedian but it did not provide enough monetary assistance for himself, so he just pursued being a barman at Melbourne’s Castle Hotel. Considering this, lions are the type of people who are ambitious. They want to be at the center of attention and that they will do anything to be on the spotlight.

At the age of fourteen, Eric considered leaving school to become a full-time motor mechanic. Being a motor racing enthusiast and participating in motor racing competitions in Australia made him to think so. Consequently, his father convinced him that he should not confuse his hobby with a real life career. Indeed, people under the sign Leo are adventurous. They tend to think that they will be very successful on their own and that they are very independent.

Eric started dating Rebecca Gleeson while filming the television series Full Frontal. Rebecca, daughter of Chief Justice of Australia Murray Gleeson, was a publicist at the Seven Networks during that time. Bana proposed to her while in a trip to the United States. The trip was won by Eric from Cleo Magazine as he was given recognition as “Bachelor of the Year” in 1996. A year after the proposal, the two got married in 1997. They had two children namely Klaus and Sophia. Klaus was born in August 1995 while Sophia was born in April 1999. They are all currently living in Melbourne. Lions, indeed, can live a domesticated and simple life. They can live life without too many controversies amidst them. In terms of love, it is easy for them to fall in love and they will get the person they want to be with in the most romantic way.


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