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 Carmen Electra
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Carmen Electra Famous for her electrifying sex appeal, Tara Leigh Patrick,publicly known asCarmen Electra, was born April 20, 1972 under the Aries sign. She shot to fame when she posed as the front page model of several Playboy magazine issues. Aside from being a ramp model and product endorser, Electra’s talents were put on full display when she hosted MTV’s Singled Out and flaunted her perfect body in numerous Baywatch episodes. She also did cameo roles in parody films including Scary Movie, Date Movie, and Meet the Spartans.

Electra was born in Sharonville, Ohio, where she grew up under the guidance of her singer mother, Patricia, and band guitarist father. Her parents were instrumental in raising her as a very family oriented woman that enjoys helping family members and friends. Aries are a wonderful friend that is more than willing to help others when they need a hand. Carmen experienced her first major heart brake in 1998 upon the death of her mother due to a brain tumor. That same year, Debbie, her older sister, also died from a heart attack.

During the lowest point of her life, Electra met eccentric basketball superstar Dennis Rodman. She found solace and comfort in his broad shoulders and married him on November 1998. Aries fall in love easily and quickly, with the intention of living and loving at the moment. Their wedding was held at Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a year of marriage that resulted to well-publicized physical and verbal confrontations, she filed for divorce in April 1999. Aries fall out of love as just as quickly as they fall in love.

After focusing on her career for several years, Electra married Dave Navarro, a dashing lead guitarist of the band Jane's Addiction, on November 22, 2003. Like her past relationship, the couple lived under the radar of the media, which documented their fights and issues. Aries can easily lose interest with his partner amidst controversies and personal issues. On 2006, Electra filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.


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